Divination Techniques

Article: A Magic Spell for Boredom

When people of the Dark Ages have a problem or issue, there was always a potion or a spell to cure it. People of the old days were very much...

Article: Answer Your Questions Through Coin Divination

The method of divination utilizing coins is a very antique process. The process is continuous in usage from the period of coinage itself. The...

 Divination Theory

Article: Role of Divination in the Scriptures

One of the most common questions that we get whenever religion and divination are brought up is the status of divination in the eyes of the...

Article: Establishing Answers to the Unknown

Religion is one of the oldest subjects and is a great social order. When man started becoming civilized, his mind started becoming more and more...

Article: The Powers of the Stars

There is that proverb saying that when you look at the stars of the night sky, you look at the past. Indeed, even with the speed of light, the...

 Divination Tips

Article: Has My Zodiac Sign Changed?

There was much talk in the astrological world lately when some astronomers from the Minnesota Planetarium Society revealed that, because of the...

Article: Fatalism in Love

The topic of fatalism covers a wide array of subtopics discussing whether a particular phenomenon is affected by fate or not. More often than not,...

Article: Do You Wish for a Sign?

Has there ever been a time when you were too undecided about something that you resorted to wishing for "signs" that will tell you what to do? Have...

 Dowsing Rods

Article: How Does Dowsing Work? Does It Really Work Anyway?

Have you ever seen a person walking around a seemingly empty place, only with a Y-shaped stick in his hands? That is a peculiar sight, isn't it? But...

Article: Using Drowsing Rods in Divination

Divination is a famous technique where the usage of drowsing rods is being continuing for centuries. Drowsing rods were used for the first time in...



Article: Practicing Divination with a Pendulum

The process of making difficult decisions with the help of a swinging pendulum as a method of divination is an antiquated technique and is quite...


Roseanna Leaton specialist in Hypnosis mp3 Downloads

http://www.RoseannaLeaton.com is a hypnotherapy download site, where our aim is to make hypnosis sessions available to everyone at a reasonable cost....

Symphonetic Musings

Artist KivaWoman Designed this 16"x20" canvas for the cover art of our book "Symphonetic Musings" available for purchase...

Spell Burning

Actual Spell Burning~Magick In Motion :)

Goddess Symbol in the Flames...

 Spiritual Issues

Article: Religious Debates--Are They Worth It?

I've always been fond of online discussions. Visiting and participating in various online forums has always been one of the defining characteristics...

Article: The Transition to Atheism

There are so many things that needs explaining in this world, and when man can't find all the answers to questions that boggles the mind and...

Article: Changing Religion For the Person You Love

Religion is a serious business for a lot of people. More people on this planet have a religion than those who do not subscribe to any kind of...


The Yoruba Domino Oracle eBook: Carlos G. Y. Poenna, Garlos G. Y. Poenna

Clearly explains how to use dominos in divination for people who follow religious practices other than the various forms of Yoruba. The...

The Art and Practice of Geomancy, The: Divination, Magic, and Earth Wisdom of th

Have you ever lost an important object? Are you taking on a new job? Looking for buried treasure? The Art and Practice of Geomancy ...

Planes of Being: Tom Evans

Our conscious awareness is a small tip of a multi-dimensional iceberg. The Physical Plane that we live in is not all there is to see. ...

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